My comments on the article: How I Became Fake News

We have all heard that history repeats itself. I’v never given it much thought before today. Reading Brennan Gilmore’s story makes me feel like we are back in the middle ages with witch hunts.

It’s amazing how easily people are persuaded. Within days of his online post, he is getting death threats, just because some conspiracy enthusiasts are putting their heads together, one firing up the next. It shows how fast an online post can get out of hand.

I wanted to find out more about fake news. Historically, it’s not a new phenomenon, there is just a whole lot of new players and they are getting more surreptitious, and more dangerous. It really shows the importance of critical thinking.

Gilmore is right when he talks about how we need to stop reading and believing imaginary plots, and continue to speak out and act against racism, and the culture of conspiracy. The question is, how many of us are able to spot the difference.

Read the article: How I Became Fake News



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