Why is #Metoo so important?

In the past few years, sexual violence has been a very highlighted subject in our society. In the past, men and women were often shamed if they spoke out about their experiences. But now that awareness is being brought to the subject. We are finding out, that there is a shocking number of people have dealt with this issue. It is important that we continue to foster an environment where victims of sexual violence can speak out without the fear of criticism or judgment. The “Me Too” Movement is doing exactly that. It is creating a space where victims can tell their stories feel supported, but they aren’t forced into telling every detail—which is often why it so difficult for victims to speak out.

The “Me Too” Movement is growing and bringing to light just how many untold stories there are. Maybe they will be told or maybe they won’t. Either way, there is a large support group for victims of sexual assault made up of fellow victims as well as many who haven’t been through it themselves, but continue to support.


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