The movie “Outsourced” is about an American man named Todd, who is forced to go to India to train his replacement, after his entire department is being outsourced to India. 

The first culture shock comes when a huge crowd of taxi drivers start to fight over him at the airport, and he ends up in a scooter with a roof, from which then he has to jump on an overcrowded train in speed. As the train does not have any free seats, Todd looks grateful when a young boy offers his seat, but when Todd sits down, the boy sits down on his lap. 

When he arrives at his destination, he learns his first lesson about India’s sanitary issues when he purchases a drink with ice made from polluted water. 

The new department manager meets up with him and insists that he ​cannot​ stay at a hotel, but takes him to a boarding house run by an older Indian couple. This is where he ​learns​ that you should not eat with your left hand, it is considered unclean. The owner of the ​boardinghouse explain​ by sign language why Indians do not eat with their left hand. 

Language problems, like when he tells the staff that recommending rubbers to “back to school shoppers” are inappropriate, and poor ​Todd who​ they call Mr. Toad decides to teach his staff “​American​”.

Todd craves an all American cheeseburger and spends a small fortune on a taxi to Bombay only to end up at a vegetarian burger place, where he meets another American who advises him to “give in to India” He follows the advice, and now he is sharing the leftovers from his meals with the poor family on the other side of the wall and his willingness to finally give in to Indian culture helps him in all aspects​. ​He strikes up a romantic relationship with a girl at the office, who opens his eyes to Hindu religious practices, for example Kali, the goddess of destruction, not necessarily is a negative influence because she can help to end one cycle, so that another can begin. He is invited for lunch with the poor family on the other side of the wall, and when he gets back his stolen phone from the young boy, he knows that he is accepted.

Todd’s boss arrives unexpectedly from America, and when Todd takes him to the office there is a flood. While the staff are trying to save the computers, Todd shows that he has adapted to the Indian culture by moving the office up on the roof, and getting help to illegally rewire the electricity​ ​from the pole with help from his neighbor from the other side of the wall. After work the crew goes out to celebrate, and Todd’s boss takes him to the side to tell him the real reason he is in India. They are outsourcing to China, and he must fire everybody. To his ​surprise​, the crew are not sad about losing their jobs. They get one month’s severance pay, and look at it as paid vacation.

The only one who got sad about losing their job was manager, he was finally making enough money to marry his sweetheart. However, at the end it all worked out. Todd turned down the job in China and gave it to the Indian manager.

Todd has learned that in India, the key to survival is adaptability, and when one door closes, another one opens. He goes back to America happy, unemployed and with a new outlook on life.


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